The Things We Don’t Say

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The Off Key Of Life

Nothing haunts us like the things we don’t say.
Mitch Albom

This is not an elephant in the room kind of thing where the problem we all acknowledge keeps getting pushed under the carpet. This is more about an unspoken hug. It’s about the things we don’t say because we don’t know if the person we care about wants to hear them or if the words are just inadequate.

It’s about love, and pain. It’s about hurt, and loss. It’s about moments that stay with us forever but never get acknowledged once we’ve moved past them.

It’s about remembering, and forgetting. It’s about understanding, and learning. It’s about wanting to put your arms around someone you care about and tell them you can’t begin to understand their hurt or loss but you think about them everyday. It’s about wanting to let them know that you see past the smile.


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Blog Launch

Welcome to my crazy little world where bargains rule the day. For me, spending less and finding simple solutions to everyday tasks, allows me to spend more time with family and do the things that feed my soul.

I come by my frugal nature quite easily. I was raised primarily by a mom who had to go it alone most years and grandparents who lived through the depression era. We never went hungry growing up and I am proud to say we were exposed to many cultural things through books, music and the sharing of our family ancestry. We were loved and the adults in our life demonstrated an excellent work ethic be it at a place of employment or a church function.

What is the story behind the name? Well beyond the obvious frugal part, my German grandmother had a friend in school named Lena. Apparently my mother reminded her of Lena so she gave her the nickname Lena. Then years later I came along and I look a lot like my mother so I inherited the name.
My hope is that you will find at least one thing that will bless your life each time you read a new post. So grab your favorite beverage, kick your feet up and read on!